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They Say A Ceej Has Textual Thoughts 30 Times A Minute. We Say, "Is That All?"

The Ceej fancies himself a writer. Well, let's face it. The Ceej simply fancies himself. But that said, nary a person doesn't enjoy the musings of The Ceej. The Ceej has written many things, some visual representations can be found here, and some audio representations can be found here.

But, this isn't about those. This is about the stories The Ceej completed that don't need help telling themselves. You may know The Ceej as a comedian, but he also tells one hell of a drama. He is currently working on two screenplays to show that he can bring drama to the screen, but to date, the majority of his drama has been purely textual. During an interview, once, The Ceej was asked why this was. He replied:

I think that, in order to be effective in comedy, story is really irrelevant. Timing is most important, but delivery also plays a big role, as do visual and audio cues. It's very difficult to be funny with only text, not that I don't throw comic relief into my dramas to lighten the mood. With drama, on the other hand, the story carries itself. Delivery and acting can improve it, but are not required. I hope to, one day, bring drama to the screen, but to date, the best I've done is bring it to your ears, and even that's uncommon.

There you have it. Right out of the horse's mouth. Not that The Ceej is a horse. More of a jackass, but it's just an expression. Now, you will notice that this site has multiple pages but, once you begin reading, it will be clear why. We hope to add more stories later, but currently, these are the only ones in our possession.

Naturally, The Ceej's work costs a lot of money, and is his primary source of income so if you enjoy his work, or would otherwise like to see it come out faster or at higher quality, we have included a donate button below.

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Now, if you'd like to see The Ceej's textual beauty, please click on the story below that interests you:

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We hope to add more later, but The Ceej is very busy and doesn't write dramatic work often. If you'd like to contact him, for whatever reason, the contact link is at the top of the page. Remember, however, that if you send story ideas, we will destroy them before The Ceej sees them. We recommend you write your own stories as The Ceej has more than enough ideas of his own.



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