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Sometimes Words Are The Only Weapon You Have...

These are various poems The Ceej has written throughout his life. They're obviously not all here. Some were not good. Some were not copyrighted. Some just don't fit. But here are a few. Let's begin with one The Ceej wrote while he was committed to a state hospital in the States in 1999. Keep in mind, this was a very long time ago. He was just a kid then (as if he's not a kid now):

What Is Normal?

They want you to be normal
They want you to be sane
If you don't wear the official tag, you've got heartache and pain
But, take a look around
And everybody's card
There's something that you have to see; You may have to look hard
The pin that's labeled, "Normal"
On all the others' shirt
Is a homemade cloak that's been designed to cover up their hurt
Everyone feels like you
'Cause no one is the same
That's a reason to feel better, not a reason to feel shame
What is normal? What is normal? Just a nonexistant name
How can anything be normal when nothing is the same?
Never try to be "normal"
It'll only hold you down
You are an individual; No one's like you anywhere around
Show the world that you're different
Show the world who you are
Your individualism can get you very far
If someone doesn't like you
'Cause you're not like the crowd
Just tell yourself the crowd's a lie and tell it very loud
You're the only you
That's the you they'll have to like
If they don't like the you you are, just turn and take a hike
What is normal? What is normal? Just a nonexistant name.
How can anything be normal when nothing is the same?
©1999 The Ceej


What Normal Is

I wrote a poem ’bout normality
Ten years ago, this year.
Said those trying to be normal
Were just masking pain and fear.

I'm ten years older, wiser
With another chance to view.
I’ve, many times, tried normal.
Yeah, and so have you.

The normal don’t get noticed.
It's the crazy we all see
In the paper, on the Internet,
And all over TV.

In a culture like today
So obsessed with instant fame,
Somehow we fall apart
At just a tiny bit of flame.

If we are all unique,
We are in the public eye,
And we’ll be loved by many,
But there are those who’d make us cry.

Those would be the “normal”
Holding crazies like us down.
They wish they weren't so boring.
They wish they had renown.

Or, maybe, we just scare them
Like Harris, Klebold, Cho.
But maybe they were justified.
How will we ever know?
The point that I am making,
If I could not digress,
Is that everyone is crazy
And we are all a mess.

But most just try to hide it
And make themselves conform.
They fear what they’ll become
If they unleash the storm.

Some will kill or maim,
And that can't be denied,
But you really don’t know who you are
If you keep it locked inside.

A few untimely deaths
Is a meager, little cost.
For, if no one is who they are,
Then more are truly lost.

Now, listen to these words I say
And take them all to heart.
For if just you can be yourself,
Then that’s a decent start.

I’m not normal.
I’m not normal.
An offensive thing to say.
If you call yourself normal, I don't like you anyway.

I’m not normal.
I’m not normal.
And I never claimed to be.
For a life that's soaked in normal reeks of mediocrity.
©2009 The Ceej


The Guy I Am

As I sit here writing this, I feel my damaged heart
I'm not dumb, but it was stupid to even let this start
Ev'ry time it happens, it always ends the same
Understanding the reality; Love's the prelude for all pain
You say you've learned your lesson; Again you will not stray
But, you meet that someone special, and you do it anyway

"This time it feels so different; I know it has to last"
Ignoring every time you have been hurt in the past
"They just don't understand us; They don't know how we feel"
Self-deceit against the future pain that will soon become too real

And all the good times that you had that you had to leave behind
Will just become that splinter that eats away inside your mind
If it's really truly better to have loved and then have lost
Then tell me why the bliss of love is never worth the cost

So, this love that you hold dearly is the world's biggest scam
So, fuck you; I don't need you to be the guy I am
©2009 The Ceej


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